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Apple Store Post-Stanford

Apple store post! I'm playing with the new MacBook Air, fun fun and thin. the screen is pretty small but otherwise nifty stuff. Sarah and I are hanging out with her grandmother. Well I better go adios!

Random, pseudo-train-of-thought post

As you all know from my previous post I am here at the apple store. I just picked up my newly fixed MacBook. Right now im waiting till about 5:00 till I leave the city and go down to Redwood City to see Sarah. For any of you who don't know, I am now living back in the Peninsula, in San Mateo. Well I think thats it for now. Bye now, im off!

Apple Store-San Francisco

Hey everybody its time for another Apple store post. Just got my laptop back from the Genius' here. Peace out yall!

Apple Store Post-San Francisco

I'm here in the apple store. Just talked to a Genius and all of the fixes on my computer (iSight, small crack on keyboard) should be fixed for free! I thought my warranty expired, but its good till August. Now I just need to find a time where I don't need a computer for 5-7 days.

Are you recieving me?

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I'm Still Alive

Apple Store Post aaaaaaaaah!

apple store post

what? two posts in a day? Crazy isn't it? Yes I thought so too, obviously I survived the killer robot attack...or did I?
first off: yes I am alive, I know you were all worried.
Secondly: MACWORLD AAAAAAH! crazy...ok bye...the killer robots are coming probably sent by Bill Gates, (who lives in Palo Alto)


Some how I developed an open wound. I have no idea how. All I know is that one day at work my leg itched so I itched it then when i was changing and got undressed (yeah ladies I know your thinking about me with no pants) I found this open wound on my leg. Probably some flesh eating bacteria that is going to kill me.
I'm alive! I have been very busy with school. I am taking something like 17 units all good classes but at the end of the week I am feeling exhausted. I am considering studying abroad in about a year. I would like to go to Paris...who wouldn't thought right? I don't have a whole lot going on, just the same old school work and Sarah. We have a hot date tomorrow night. We are going to the SF symphony. I am really looking forward to it. Oh I auditioned for a play a few weeks ago but I did not get in :(. Oh well such is life. I am excited for next semester though. One of the professors is going to be directing Don Juan and it is going to be all bio-mechanics. For all of you who don't know what it is: It is a form of acting completely different than we are used to. It is focuses on the body completely not on the mind or interpretation of characters. so its like saying lines while on a tight rope. Its very different very odd, but very exciting. I hope I can get a part. I don't know what else to say. bye for now